Hi and welcome to my mailing list ONLY for food luving folks who can to NYC.

I’ll send you info about food events that I'm hosting, promoting for others or that I just find mouth-watering: potlucks, tastings, industry promotions, food crawls and more.

I've spent a lot of time hanging and eating with people who love food (Cue: huge applause) and people who just like it and will happily eat whatever (cue: sigh) and even a bit of time with those who get no joy and just eat to fuel themselves (Cue: sympathetic hissing).

I can categorically state that I prefer the LOVERS. Seriously, I just want to eat food with people who love food.

So if you’re passionate about food and you're in the food world for pleasure, business or both and you can get to New York City... or wish you could, you’re on the right list.

People on my list get the advantage of hearing about my events first.

I promise to keep it tasty.


Jackie Gordon
Singing Chef aka The Diva That Ate New York

About Me
I’m a singing chef. I create shows that combine food, music and humor to entertain and educate people about food.

You can watch my videos and hear songs from my shows on www.jackiegordon.com.

I cook and eat out a lot. I’m on Twitter way too much, Facebook here and there and Google + once a week and Linked In... My blog -- and I use that term loosely since I’m more of a connector of food loving peeps than a food blogger -- is The Diva That Ate New York.
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